3 Things to remember when choosing the perfect stud

You’ve waited 2 years to breed your female. The time has FINALLY arrived. Now, it’s time to pick that perfect stud. You’re going to put on your match-making hat and conjour up a breeding that’s going to light the bulldog world on fire. Piece of cake, right? Not so fast. One trip on social media will teach you that available studs are almost as numerous as the sands of Newport Beach. Picking the right stud is critical and can be the difference in you making it rain or raining down tears. Here are some things I look at to help whittle down the field of contenders

Videos Don’t Lie

Pictures can be deceiving and easily manipulated. Videos don’t lie. You need to see not just one but multiple videos of the stud. If someone won’t show you a video, you need to start asking yourself why not? Make sure you see a video of him walking and running. Are his feet straight and hips good? Amazing to me how many people will use a stud based on a single picture. If you don’t think pictures can be deceiving then you’ve obviously never been on tinder!


When I first started out, I used to think “this stud is beautiful so he’s obviously going to make beautiful puppies, right?” Boy was I naive. I’m not an expert in physiology, but for some reason some studs are able to produce above themselves and other beautiful dogs just don’t throw puppies as nice as you’d expect. More than likely if you went back far enough in their pedigree you’d figure out why. To me it’s all about productions. Because after all productions are what you’re getting in the arrangement, right? You want a sneak preview of what you may get take a look at what that stud has produced with previous females. A stud that is truly proven shows that he can perform and that he can throw his look. Remember to not just look at the appearance of the productions but the health also! Are there consistent health issues in those lines? May want to look elsewhere. Ya can’t sell sick pups, so choosing a male that produces healthy pups is paramount when making your choice.

Health Testing

Health testing is becoming more and more prominent in the bulldog world. Specifically, the tests for HUU, DM, and CMR1 are becoming a must in the industry. Is the stud you are using health cleared of these conditions? Why is it important? Because these conditions can be fatal to pups later in life and when you sell the pups prospective buyers are going to ask and it could be a deal breaker if the pups aren’t from health cleared parents. Don’t be the breeder that is elated to have produced an amazing merle pup only to come crashing down to earth when you find out the pup carries double copies of these genetic conditions.

There are alot of beautiful studs out there. Be picky. I do not believe you should ever compromise the quality of the stud you pick for any reason. If you can’t afford the stud fee try to work a pup back deal. You should never, ever choose a stud because his stud fee is cheap. That’s a cardinal sin in breeding in my opinion because you’re impacting the quality of your puppies and you’re taking a step back. That next level stud will do wonders for your program. By following the advice above you are on your way. Choose wisely!

***Garrett Brown is a clinical pharmacist, father, husband, and owner of Blue Mountain Bulldogs. Follow Blue Mountain bulldogs on Instagram and facebook for more updates and pictures. You can also check out our health-tested stud APEX here and message us for stud inquiries***