Amazing Puppies don't happen by accident!

Make sure you have the right look!

Our dogs come from the best color and structure lines in the world. Apex is imported from the UK and is a son of Wonderboy and Ace’s daughter. Muffin is daughter of Zeus and a Hero daughter. Dreamy combines  AKC champion Cherokee legend lines with California Chrome color lines. We’ve accumulated the best lines and turned them into our unique brand.

We strive to produce that prototypical bulldog look.

Combining beautiful color and champion-level structure

The 3 most important words when buying an English bulldog are structure, structure, and structure! We like our dogs to be low, compact, and thick! No floppy ears or weird feet. We will help you get the right look.

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We're a small, family breeding program.

It's a family hobby and a labor of love!

We aren’t a puppy mill. We aren’t a group of businessmen with locations across the country. We are a small family with 3 young kids who love English bulldogs. Nothing fancy just hardwork, passion, and a love for what we do. All our pups are raised with our children.

We’ve built our following on social media one puppy at a time through hard work and professionalism. You don’t amass the following that we have with anything less. We can provide dozens of references of people who have worked with us to help ease your concerns and make you fully confident in your purchase.

All puppies come with a health guarantee

We do things the right way because we know you'll buy your next puppy from us also.

All of our breedings are done under the direct supervision of a canine reproductive specialty vet. Our puppies are health check from head to toe. When you buy a pup from us we will provide you with a contract and health guarantee. We stand by our productions!
What do we have cooking for 2019?

We have a few amazing breedings planned for  2019 and early 2020.

  • Muffin X Apex is expected in later summer 2019. Expecting some of the nicest merles pups on the planet!
  • Coco X Compton expected fall 2019. Matchup of the minis. Producing some of the first double Chrome-line minis out there.
  • Isabella fluffies! Early 2020, Madame Frou Frou will be put to an Isabella stud.
  • Skye, Fiona, and Sadie are also expected to have litters in early 2020!

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